Flashback Friday: Cherry Boots

October 21, 2016

Cherry print knee high boots

In lieu of any actual prepared post that I had organised for today, I dug this out of the Rainy Day File, originally prepared for when I was doing Throwback Thursday on a regular basis.

I have always loved me some statement boots, dating back to 1996 when I was the first person to show up in South Australia's Mid North in lace-up knee high boots.

I bought these bad boys online from eBay circa 2006 and wore them repeatedly.

In public.


The Burberry-inspired check! The cherries! The sweet bow! The kitten heel! They were amazing!

Okay, by "amazing", I mean cheap-as construction (basically printed cardboard and dubious synthetics) and they were chronically pointy which is not as evident in the pic but very eye-catching. Got lots of comments as you'd expect.

Annoyingly, despite legitimately wearing them out and about, I can't actually seem to find a picture of me in them, which is an unfortunate casualty of life before smart phones.

Or not.

I know the last time I wore them was to my "Pink and Bling" hens day road trip (over jeans, naturally) and I sold them for a remarkable price at a market stall in 2012. Yes, 2012, I kept them that long. Kind of wish they went into the Vault but they would have probably disintegrated by now.

Have you ever worn super lairy shoes? Tell me about them!

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