Protecting Your Lips with ViraPro X

August 15, 2016

When I first got the email asking if I was interested in a ViraProX Winter Essentials pack and participating in a corresponding Insta competition, my first reaction was "Um, no, I don't get cold sores."

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Somewhat selfishly, I was thinking since I don't get them, there would be no relevance in me talking to you about them . . . until I read the information supplied that said around 76% of Australians carry the herpes simplex virus that can lead to cold sores.

Seventy. Six. Percent. That's a lot.

Coincidentally, it's reportedly the same percentage of Australians that may suffer from stress or insomnia which are known triggers for cold sores (as well as dry lips, exposure to sunlight, sunburn and hormonal changes). Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

So even though it's not strictly relevant to me, the numbers indicate that it may well be of interest to you. Sure, it's not particularly glamorous but #AlmostPoshKeepsItReal and is happy to have the conversation. And hey, I might not get them myself but I have experienced my share of uncomfortable facial blemishes (blinders, cluster pimples, styes and milia seeds) and I understand completely that they suck hard and are to have their presence prevented or minimised as much as possible. Especially as we all know they tend to crop up when you want them least*; eg before starting a new job, a date or your wedding.

From what I understand, using a lip protectant has been found to provide protection from recurrent cold sores and this is where ViraProX comes in with key ingredients designed to protect, prevent and relieve the symptoms of breakouts, including moisturisers, SPF, soothing menthol and lysine. I'll spare you the description of what cold sores are, I'm sure you know and nobody wants to hear the words "blister", "fluid-filled" and "crust" more than they need to.

Knowing your triggers is critical in keeping them at bay and every person is different. Whether it's fatigue, sunlight or dry lips, you can take the steps necessary to prevent them and if you do start experiencing that tingle (generally 12 hours before anything rears its head) then get to treating immediately to reduce the severity and longevity. Cold sores are called such because they tend to come out during a cold when your immune system is down. Just to make you feel even more awesome about being poorly.

If you need rescuing from cold sores, you can pick up a tube of ViraProX Triple Action Lip Balm at most chemists including Priceline and Chemist Warehouse and it retails for $7.95 which seems pretty reasonable.

How do you protect your lips in the colder months?

is there really ever a good time to have a pimple, sore or eye stye?

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I was kindly gifted a Winter Essentials pack from Ego Pharmaceuticals. Please see my PR and Media policy for more information.

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