#AlmostPoshStyleCost: August

August 26, 2016

It's the end of winter!!

Hahaha, jokes, we all know the seasons have moved a month out (sign my petition to have summer officially recognised in the Southern Hemisphere as January to March and so on) and we still have another month of blustery weather to content with. September is always windy as in Adelaide, coinciding nicely with our Royal Show and blowing all that fresh new pollen right up into our nasal cavities. Achoo.

Weather conversation aside, let's see what I picked up in August besides Rhinocourt for the #AlmostPoshStyleCost project.

So I didn't include it in last month's roundup because it didn't arrive until this month . . . I had all but cut myself off shopping for July until I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed a Bohemian Traders flash sale (4 hours only) of 40% off all striped items. Well, what's a girl to do? #teamstripes

Bohemian Traders striped dress | Almost Posh

I hit up the Round She Goes market with my Mum. Nice stuff but a little crowded for my tastes, no sooner did you stop and look at something were there people literally right up on you looking at the same thing. Do not want. Anyway I managed to squeeze myself next to a rack and picked up two skirts for $5 each. Here's the Jacqui E one:

Jacqui E skirt, Bettina Liano top | Almost Posh

And here's the Sussan one, brand new with a $99 tag . . . I wasn't too sure about this one at first but I think it will be alright.

I was pleased on my return to Costco to find they still had those Bettina Liano sweaters like my black one pictured above in different colours, so I picked up the buff / beige / nude / neutral / oatmeal, whatever you want to call it. Annoyingly though, it's pretty sheer, even for a knit and wearing a singlet underneath shows through like nobody's business and looks heaps daggy so haven't developed a solution for that yet. Hence, no photo. Any tips would be appreciated.

I also don't have a photo of the cute OTS blue paisley top I got from Kmart so keep an eye out for that one.

Finally got some thrifting action in with a visit to Savers, where I picked up this super jazzy sequinned black tunic / dress arrangement. I'm planning to wear it to my meet and greet with current reigning RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bob The Drag Queen next weekend! YASSS, WERRRRK! I think this is quite possibly the only item from Supre I've ever owned.

Supre black sequinned shift dress | Almost Posh

The Iconic* dropped a 40% off sale and I had stored credit so what was I supposed to do, just ignore it? I popped on two dresses from Atmos&Here. Pleasingly, the parcel arrived in less than 24 hours - how good is that. Stay tuned for an upcoming brand feature on Atmos&Here, featuring photos from my shoot with Jenni at Styling Curvy!

Finally, late yesterday afternoon, I ducked into the Red Cross Superstore with my mum and picked up a Jeanswest print dress that I haven't yet taken a photo of. Did you know it's National Op Shop Week?

Clothes and Shoes
Items acquired: 5
Total original ticket "value": $483.89
Paid: $135.38
YTD Spend: $1,202.31
YTD "Value": $2,357.91

In terms of accessories, I found a brown belt at Savers that goes with my tan ankle boots so that was also pleasing, even if it could so do with a loop (or blu-tac) as it goes a bit floppy at the end.

Items acquired: 1
Total original ticket "value": $2.99
Paid: $2.99
YTD Spend: $65.45
YTD "Value": $782.68

* denotes affiliate link

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