Pureology "Pure Volume" Style + Care Infusion Review

July 18, 2016

Still on the hair kick this week as I review Pureology "Pure Volume" Style + Care Infusion*.

Pureology Pure Volume Style + Care Infusion | Almost Posh

As I've mentioned previously, atop my head is hair that is fine yet plentiful so volume-enhancing products have always been something I've looked for and if there is the added bonus of being kind to colour-treated weaves, then I'm all in.

I was sent this nifty new product to put through its paces. First, I did a control test - how I would usually dry my hair. This is a wash, blow dry and a misting of Pureology's "Colour Fanatic" spray* (reviewed here) for heat protecting.

Beth | Almost Posh

Off topic: that lip colour is Colourpop Ultra Matte "Sundae". Super bright! Thanks, my lovely benefactor.

Back to my weave. I washed my hair as normal with Matrix Hello Blondie shampoo and conditioner* (reviewed here) and then twisted it into my Smurf hat microfibre hair towel. I'm also wearing a proper towel so don't be all looking in reflections!

Beth | Almost Posh

See how the packaging is literally two products in one? There is a tube within a tube, or "dual-chamber" as they call it in the business.

Pureology Pure Volume Style + Care Infusion | Almost Posh

With a handy dot to show you where to press:

Pureology Pure Volume Style + Care Infusion | Almost Posh

Now it says to use "a small amount" which I always find subjective. What's small? A pea? A 10 cent piece? A Suzuki Swift? Be more specific please. This is why I don't do well with freestyle baking.

This is how much I went for. Too much? Not enough? Who knows. But see how it comes out? Tricky!

Pureology Pure Volume Style + Care Infusion | Almost Posh

I applied to damp hair as directed and blowdried as normal. I considered doing another video for this review but I thought five minutes of me with my head over the bath drying my hair upside-down wouldn't be that entertaining and I haven't got my editing skills up to speed yet.

This is what Pureology have to say on the matter:
The innovative dual chamber Style + Care Infusions feature a caring cream formula and a styling gel formula, that fuse together at the moment of application to provide a multi-benefit blow-dry product. Customised for all hair types, each of the three formulas are cocktailed with PUREOLOGY’S exclusive Style + Care Complex which features Xylose Sugar and Intracylane to strengthen hair, insulate the cuticle layer and protect against heat damage. Each tailored formula also offers a specialised ingredient to beautify every desired hair look…
There are three different products available in the range:

PURE VOLUME  |  Wheat Protein to create body and lasting fullness

SMOOTH PERFECTION  |  Camellia Oil to create ultimate smoothness

CURL COMPLETE  |  Coconut Oil to tame and beautify all curl types

It's also made from 100% vegan ingredients if that's your jam.

All that, and this is the final result:

Beth | Almost Posh

That lip colour is Chi Chi "O.M.Nude!" which is another kind donation!

I can see a little bit of lift and I can feel more texture than usual. Having read the instructions again, I think I should have emulsified between my fingers first and maybe applied more than I did. I'm usually pretty light on applying product to my hair as I don't like it getting limp or too greasy. I'll continue to use it and report back as it smells pleasant and why wouldn't you.

One thing though; this shiz ain't cheap. The 150ml tube retails for $51.95.

What are your volumising tips? Any holy grail products to share?

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* denotes gifted items.

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