Posh Picks: Forcast Clothing

February 17, 2016

So, as you might have worked out, I mostly use Posh Picks every week to showcase a curated selection of things I fancy from a handful of online stores that I have affiliate relationships with.

Obvs, I get a little commission if anyone clicks my links (or those ads on the sidebar) and subsequently buys something. Which is nice. However, one of the other key reasons for having a small group of affiliates is quite frankly that it focuses my selections and narrows the field of choice a bit. If I had the whole internet to choose things from, I'd never get organised and would probably be like "Oh, that IS nice, I think I'll just . . . *add to cart*"

One of my most successful partners was Ezibuy, who have recently pulled the pin on their affiliate program which is super annoying because they were easily my most popular store. Thank you to everyone who purchased from Ezibuy through Almost Posh.

When selecting affiliates, I have a few criteria; a) it's affordable b) it's reputable, preferably Australian-owned or based c) I already have or would buy from there myself with regards to both style and price. Sure, I could sign up with some super luxe avant garde boutiques or slightly dubious bulk manufacturing concerns but that hardly aligns with the Almost Posh vision and values and I am all about that. When choosing items, I try and go for things that have plenty of sizes left and aim for prices below $100 (usually WAY below).

So! All that being said, after some research, I have recently signed up with Forcast. Forcast are an Australian label that have been around the traps since 1992 and I'd like to present you with some of my picks from the sale section which are quite tempting.

I've also made it into a collage this week! I was too lazy before but as it happens, this is actually an easier way to do it. Who knew?

1. Anna Panelled Skirt - was $59.95 now $39^
2. Anna V-Neck Panelled Dress - was $89.95 now $69^
3. Francine Lace Contrast Boho Top - was $59.95 now $39^
4. Louisa Floral Dress - was $79.95 now $59^
5. Lily Wrap Dress - was $89.95 now $49^
6. Clea Contrast Dress - was $89.95 now $69^
7. Deborah V-Neck Top - was $44.95 now $29^
8. Heidi Pleat Top - was $49.95 now $29^

There you have it. Have you ever bought anything from Forcast? 

^ denotes affiliate links. As I mentioned earlier, by clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I make a small commission to put towards my own purchases. Please see my PR and Media policy for more information.

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