Thankyou Gift Pack Review

January 25, 2016

Just before Christmas I was extremely pleased to win this gift pack of washy things from Thankyou via a giveaway by Kate at Loveface Beauty.

Thankyou products | Almost Posh

If you don't already read Loveface Beauty, go check it out. It promises "kind beauty for cool women" and delivers - complete with LOLs and keeping-it-realness which you know is totally my jam.

Anyway, the box arrived all present-like and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you on the contents, which included a body wash, hand wash, jumbo hand sanitiser (YASS) and a mini version.

The Thankyou mob aren't just in the business of cleaning and sanitising, the profits help people access basic needs like food, water, health and hygiene education. You can even track precisely what your purchase is funding with a unique tracking code!

The handwash is Botanical Lime and Coriander which is a refreshing and non-cloying scent. The coriander gives it a little herby lift rather than that dishwashing liquid artificial lime scent which is not cute and my hands feel nice and clean afterwards. It's not a girly perfumery smell so you could have it on any sink really, and nobody would baulk at using it. Although my husband has a genetic receptor that means coriander tastes like soap to him, he doesn't seem to mind it in handwash form, I guess the soap thing is a plus in this case.

Thankyou products | Almost Posh

The body wash is a pleasant and zingy Botanical Mint and Spring Flowers and smells and feels amazing. I'm a bit old-school in that I like a bit of lather with my cleansing products because in my mind, bubbles = clean so I'm happy to get a bit of froth off these, unlike an awful "everything-free" shampoo I used once that was like trying to wash my hair with New Wave Gel and about as satisfying as the gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free vegan mint cake I had once which tasted like disappointment and tears.

The hand sanitiser is Antibacterial Grapefruit and again, it's a fresh zingy scent that smells proper, not artificial. I like the smell of fresh grapefruit but the manufactured version smells like body odour to me (maybe I have some sort of genetic receptor) and I've dumped many an offensive BO-flavoured product to my husband's bathroom in the past. It takes a little longer to dry than regular hand sanitisers but hands don't feel as dry afterwards.

I gave the handbag-sized bottle of hand sanitiser to my mother-in-law and she's very pleased with it. That is a citrusy one, so once again, ZING! 

The edgy dark bottles and minimalist labels give a hipster vibe to my bathroom (when the Peppa Pig bubble bath is out of shot, anyway).

Have you tried any Thankyou products?

I am linking up with Ingrid's Monday Makeup Madness (even though it's not strictly speaking makeup, it's beauty-related . . . am I right?)


I received this gift pack as a giveaway prize and was not asked to review or shout-out about it by Kate or Thankyou but I felt like it, so I did. For more information about that kind of thing, please see my PR and Media policy.

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