Posh Picks: Maternity Wear

November 04, 2015

No, I'm not, calm down.


My BFF Stacie is and, having been bursting with keeping the secret for weeks, to my relief she is now "out" and we can talk maternity wear, whereupon the struggle is real for people with alternative style philosophies.

Having been pregnant, I can fully sympathise with how quickly your regular waistbands are soon a thing of the past, even well before you're allegedly "showing". There is a lot of activity going on in there and whether it's baby or bloat, the end result is the same and you still need something to wear to work. 

The dress code in our office is not strict but there is still a level to maintain and you are expected to wear clothes. Unfortunately pyjama pants and muu-muus don't quite cut it.

Maternity shopping can be well irritating and so far Stacie has found it difficult to get anything that isn't Frumptown, USA. 
Also, unless you're heaps rich, you're probs going to have to get used to the idea of a short-term capsule wardrobe. This was very difficult for me, although when I was pregnant, I was lucky enough to enjoy a very strong Aussie dollar and able to shop via Amazon, Old Navy and the like with the cost of shipping offset by the savings. Now the AUD is back to cowering beneath the greenback, so it's back to looking for free shipping and low prices. 

In the early days, you don't necessarily have to look for official maternity wear, but comfortable elasticated waistbands (for pants AND tops) are where it's at. Try shops that cater for the more mature lady, with generous sizing.

Target | Tailored Soft Jogger Pants*
Millers | Crop Crinkle Pants*
Usually $25 - currently $15
Millers | Split Sleeve Stripe Top*
Usually $28 - currently $15

Best & Less | Plus DK Paisley Print Gypsy Top*
Usually $20 - currently $15

ASOS | Maternity Cold Shoulder Top in Tile Print*
Was $60 now $30
ASOS | Maternity Skater Dress in Texture*
Was $60 now $26
Freez | Batwing Top

I personally LIVED in my maternity leggings from Next and would highly and emphatically recommend them to anyone.
Next | Maternity Leggings^

Are you a Jeanswest member? Because the Members Rewards 40% off sale is on until this Sunday (8 November) which is pretty decent - in store and online, includes sale items, yay!

Jeanswest | June Maternity Stripe Textured Tee*
Jeanswest | Maternity Skinny Jeans in Absolute Black*

Jeanswest | Maternity Skinny Jeans in Absolute Indigo*
Also, every purchase of maternity jeans from Jeanswest comes with a $20 off voucher for their Curves and Tummy Trimmer range for your post-baby bod. Excellent idea. Well played, Jeanswest!


* denotes items that Stacie has bought and is going to roadtest and report on further down the track.

^ denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I get a small commission. For more information, see my PR and Media policy.

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