Be More Basic

November 13, 2015

Being called "basic" these days is not a compliment, although full disclosure: I like things that are decried as basic and care not for what anyone thinks about it. However, today I am asking the question . . .

Why is it so hard to find good basics at a reasonable price?

I once spent a good three months looking for a plain and simple black knit cardigan in a traditional fit. One without beads or bows or batwing sleeves. That didn't smell like chips. For reals, I bought a cardigan once at Target and it legit smelled like greasy chips no matter how much I washed and soaked it. I don't think it's unreasonable to want clothes that don't smell like a takeaway. (Eventually, I found one at Cotton On and now I have the same style in no less than five colours. It's what I do.)

Other long-term missions have included a plain white tee that fits well with a good neckline and that isn't see-through. Gym pants that aren't 30cm too long in the legs. A plain black midi skirt. A Breton tee. Black ponte pants. A lightweight jacket for transitional months; the ongoing search for which has been a number of years and counting. You get the idea.

My latest was trying to source a pair of almond-toed black flats with just a little bit of interest as my round-toed ones were looking a little too . . . well, basic.

I traipsed around most of the bargain shoe outlets before popping on these from Shoe Shed.

Simona Ricci | Baruda

BUT then I saw these from Nine West. With discreet sparkles. SPARKLES, PEOPLE. Now that is how to lift an outfit from basic to bangin'.

Nine West | Speakup2^

I found them on The Iconic and I thought, "Oooh, well, I have a $20 voucher for them on the moisturiser I just bought this week AND a 20% birthday coupon code. Bargain!"

Well, I thought I did.


And THEN went I was at checkout, I had entered my birthday code, clicked through to PayPal and just as I did, noticed the delivery address was wrong so I went back to correct it and of course the code dropped out and wouldn't let me use it again even after I cleared cookies and caches and whatever so I had to Google for another one and eventually found one that was like 10% off so it wasn't in fact quite the bargain that I had hoped.

Due to budgetary concerns at this time of year, I'm wondering whether to return the Shoe Shed ones or if they are sufficiently different enough to keep both pairs. Since I wrote this post about shopping more successfully, I have become all about the return. I used to feel mortified about doing it but now, if I get it home and it's not perfect, back it goes. I have become much better about keeping receipts, trying shoes on carpet only and not popping tags until I have fully committed. Gone are the days where I'd steel myself for a hypothetical argument only to have the shop assistant be like "no worries, sign here, put your card here, okay thanks bye". As long as you abide by the conditions of return, you should not have a problem. 

Are you similarly bemused by how difficult it is to source affordable and basic basics? How about that voucher expiry date?? Would you return or keep both?

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