Freez! It's Frocktober!

October 05, 2015

Not just a clever name, Frocktober aims to raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer and I have decided to join in with Kimba Likes, The Illusive Femme, Style & Shenanigans and the rest of the gang in getting my frocks out. I'll be sharing over on Insta as I go, with the hashtag #Frocktober2015.

I need to be practical with my commitment for this one, so I'm aiming for a different dress every work day. As I work three days a week (well, paid work, amirite, Mums??) this means I need to come up with 12 dresses throughout the month and that I can totally do.

Where appropriate, I will try and squeeze in a dress where I can on my off-days and weekends too. I made the mistake of culling my wardrobe way too viciously post-pregnancy and gave away a lot of perfectly nice dresses that I still regret the loss of. Hot tip, ladies, give yourself a decent chance to bounce back before you throw everything away in a fit of "I'll never fit into that again, ever!"

I do love a dress, especially the instant outfit-ness factor, so I've been combing various online sites and hitting up op shops trying to rebuild my stocks. Which brings me to my second of exciting affiliations that have just popped up, Australian online fashion store, Freez.

More dancing!

Freez's tagline is "Affordable Clothing For Women", so obviously - as a woman who likes affordable clothing - this spoke to me in an extremely articulate manner. On the internet since 2007, having started out as a company back when I was in Year 10, they are a reliable Australian purveyor of attainable threads.

As I mentioned last week, a new midweek post will also showcase my picks of Freez's assortment of pretties and alert you to any exciting sales or bargaintastic events that you need to be made aware of.

Like the SAVE20 coupon code that will knock 20% off TODAY ONLY (Monday 5 October, 2015) so get on it!!

Here's something that looks super comfortable for those "can't be bothered getting dressed but oh, I'm doing Frocktober, whatever shall I do?" days:

Freez Jersey Tunic^
Was $39, now just $20!!
Also during the month, I'm also going to be dipping into A Quirky Bird's #mystyleoctober concurrently, because it's always nice to have a bit of inspo.

October 1 - "Denim Diva"

Frocktober 2

Because it's kind of hard to get oneself into the waxist's at one's leisure with a toddler on the go, I left it until 8.30am the morning of a 30 degree day to get myself seen to. Which is why I'm wearing some unseasonable leggings under my Kmart dress until the job is done!

October 4 - "To The Max"

Miss L and I prepping for a day at the beach - I'm in a Cotton On maxi skirt and cropped tee, Rivers hat and thongs from Big Dub. (TBH, I later swapped the skirt for a pair of shorts because beach)

^ denotes affiliate link. If you click through and buy, it doesn't cost you extra but I earn a small amount of coin as commission. For more information, please read my PR and Media policy.

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