Restyle 2015 - Week 3

September 04, 2015

Restyle 2015 has officially wrapped!

Restyle 2015 prompts

Here's how the final week played out for me.

Day 24 - Mini

vintage handpainted Minnie Mouse pendant

I took a homophonic approach to this one and wore a vintage handpainted Minnie Mouse pendant my Mum picked up for me at a flea market somewhere in the US, teamed with classic black and white stripes and a red Cotton On cardi.

Day 25 - Dapper

dapper grey wool hat, striped jumper

I would have liked to have been at work for this one but made do with a new op shop score - (as in a new purchase AND I found a new op shop, the Save The Children one in Ridgehaven); an English vintage wool hat. Because hats are totes dapper and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Day 26 - Black on Black

Another recent pick-up, I got this Sportsgirl dress from Savers recently and had been holding off on wearing it specifically to rock it on this day. I met Stacie and Jen for lunch at Jamie's Italian and we looked like we'd just come from a wake. A very stylish wake. This dress is really comfortable and I'm looking forward to wearing it with other stuff because these boots look wack.

Day 27 - Floral

If this watercolour floral blazer looks vaguely familiar, it's because I'm wearing it in my current avatars across social media. It was given to me by Bridie of who is a neutral minimalist and bought this from Big W while seized by pregnancy brain. Which turned out to be a win for me!

Day 28 - Metallic

I chose to show my collection of alu-mesh bags, all lovingly op-shopped except for the pink one which came via eBay. The bottom 4 are all genuine Glomesh and the top 3 are quality imitations. I've decided collecting Glomesh is my thing now . . . for the right price of course! In related news, I picked this purse up the other day and am most pleased with it:

Day 29 - Fringe

As I mentioned in my corresponding Instagram post, I am not one for Western or 70s style trends so I took a photo of the fringing of this lovely pink and gold wrap that came from a friend, Humna, who was moving overseas, via Stacie, who thought (correctly) that I would like it.

Day 30 - Donate

What better day to head down to Savers with a blue bag, wearing a Rivers coat from same Savers?

There you have my Restyle 2015 wrap-up. It was a good, fun challenge to play along with and the op-shopped edge took it next level.

As you may know, Restyle is an event that runs during the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival and by playing along on Instagram, stand-out participants have the opportunity to walk the Restyle Runway during the Festival. Awesomely, Stacie was chosen to be one of those! Not awesomely, she lives in Adelaide and couldn't! So go and have a look at her Insta account and check out her looks.

Not one to rest, I have ploughed straight into not one but two challenges on the back of Restyle; Kimba Likes #SpringFling and Fashionista in Suburbia's #30Lippiesfor30Days. Follow the hashtags on Instagram to see what's up!

I leave you with this gif of the Black on Black outtakes. Enjoy.

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