Express Makeover : Lounge Room Edition

May 18, 2015

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express makeover, lounge room

Gone are the days of the "good room" - a front parlour full of non-touchable knick-knacks, dust-catchers and doilies, reserved only for visitors and out-of-bounds for sticky-fingered children.

good room, parlour, front room
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These days, the lounge room tends to be a lot more warm, welcoming and family-friendly. However, it's often overlooked when it comes to redecorating. While it may not date a property in the same way a mission brown bathroom or burnt orange kitchen does, it is one of the most utilised and visible areas of your home and deserves a bit of love. Here are some quick ways to give it a refresh that won't require a refinance on the mortgage.

Add New Carpeting or Rugs

If you're like me, you moved into your new home and quickly noticed all the things you missed during the open inspection, including the less-than-immaculate carpet. Removing this ratty specimen and replacing it with plush new flooring can change the whole feel of the room, from general appearance to next level underfoot comfort. Gone is that poor colour choice and the stains their five children left behind (craftily concealed by strategically-placed rugs) and hello new stain-free comfort, personally selected to suit your taste and lifestyle. Obviously, as parents of a toddler, we will definitely be selecting a stain-resistant option from a professional outfit like Stainmaster Australia. They even have a nifty calculator that helps you estimate costs and keep your redecorating budget on track.

Even your pets will appreciate it!

cat on the carpet
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Bring in New Lighting

Who wants to spend time huddled in a dark and gloomy room? Not me. I like to read in the lounge room (especially in winter in front/on top of the fire) so decent lighting is a must - without the stark bright white feel of an operating theatre. It’s super easy and affordable to improve the appearance of your lounge room with new lighting. Choose from a funky lamp or track lighting to enhance your reading space or add some floor lamps for mood lighting. Change up your existing fixtures by sourcing new shades and trims. Look for polished chrome or stainless steel for minimalist styles, or bring in surveyors lamps for an on-trend nautical look. Perhaps, like me, you are living for rose gold/copper accents right now. There are so many affordable options to choose from that suit all rooms, tastes and budgets.

lounge room with lamps
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Move Your Furniture Around

Sounds obvs but one of the quickest and cheapest ways to revamp your lounge room is simply by rearranging your furniture. Changing the position of a feature piece in the lounge can completely alter the dynamics of the room. Enhance the symmetry by arranging your furnishings or decorations in pairs. Symmetry makes a room comfortable and can help it feel more relaxed, so guests will be encouraged to stay longer. Of course, you might not want certain guests making themselves too comfortable. Keep them in another part of the house! 

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Play with Textures and Patterns

A lot of people feel their lounge room should be neutral as it's timeless and classic but it doesn't take much to add a personal touch that can easily change with trends or even seasons. Your lounge room can play host to a range of patterns, whether it be added subtly, through cushions, throws or small rugs, or by making a feature out of a large piece of furniture like your sofa, with changeable covers or upholstery. Embracing bold prints and patterns in the lounge room can bring a range of new colours to your home as well. 

comfortable couch with cushions
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Hang or Display Prints

If you're still looking at that same block-mounted print of a UFO with "I Want To Believe" on it, you might be due for a wall art update. Personalise your lounge room with photos of your family and friends. Hang a canvas print of your favourite holiday photograph or a print by your favourite artist. Bright and colourful canvas prints are readily and cheaply available everywhere; from IKEA to the Reject Shop. Bringing pieces of art into the home also adds a hint of colour, which can be complemented by cushions, vases and other small decorations. Scour op shops and markets for some classic coloured decorations, hit up Pinterest for inspo or check out your local homewares store for the latest trends. 

edgy lounge room with modern print
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So, if your lounge room is feeling a bit ho-hum, there are plenty of ways to change it up. These are just a few of the affordable options to make over your lounge room and are easy to get started on. No power tools or paint brushes required.

What are your favourite tips for a quick room makeover?

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  1. Good tips! :) I agree with the personalising the room with photos - it's always a nice touch to see lots of family photos in a living room! :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Totally agree, I love checking out people's photos - especially at your friends' parents' houses!!

  2. I need to get myself a good print or two

    1. I picked up a couple of really nice ones at the Reject Shop of all places - bold, bright and best of all, cheap!

  3. I've just replaced the carpet in our lounge and dining rooms. It made such a difference and surprisingly the carpets were cheaper than I thought they'd be!

    1. It does seem like it would be an expensive thing but it's surprisingly affordable! I went along with Mum who recently replaced all their carpets and she was able to go into the "luxe" options with the budget she had in mind which was very pleasing.