Throwback Thursday: Dannii Minogue

April 23, 2015

Today, it's not about some heinous fashion crime that I've committed, but rather, a bit of a look back at "Australia's Own", Dannii Minogue.

You're probably aware Dannii designs a bit of fashion and is currently working with Target Australia, where she has a rather nice Petites range.

At an apparent 161cm and not the 163cm I've been flaunting since Year 12, I am totally down with petite ranges, especially in pants.

I've heard good things about Dannii's jeans and I've been keen to see if the pleather leggings are a look I can pull off, although I'm having trouble finding any in store.

But let's just have a quick look back to the heady days of the late 80s and Dannii's first fashion collab, this time with Kmart . . .

Dannii Minogue Throwback Thursday
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Oh, how I would have killed for these looks. Those bright colours, the bike shorts, that perm!

I could never stand Kylie (I had a lot of self-righteous 10-year old indignation that she was getting all the credit for "Locomotion" when I was already a fan of the Little Evie version and I never really got over it) but I was a huge fan of Dannii's from Young Talent Time and her debut single "Love and Kisses". I believe I may have paid my friend $1 for a poster of her from Smash Hits magazine, complete with lyrics. This was waaay before the internet, when official song lyrics were highly valued and used as currency.

Interesting to note the prices too . . . $18.97 would probably be high-end for an equivalent kid's top in Kmart today.

Were song lyrics used as currency when you were growing up?

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  1. As a fellow petite I LOVE dannii's jeans, it's refreshing not to have to fold under the hem !