#PoshLadyIndigo Style Challenge Wrap-Up

April 27, 2015

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Mica from Away From The Blue, who did a great job participating in two style challenges simultaneously and rocking some great looks while doing so. Follow the #PoshLadyIndigo hashtag to see her outfits and those of the other participants.

Here is a wrap-up of my outfits for the week. I've tried to use alternate shots to what appeared on Instagram to keep it fresh!

Monday - Colour-Block Rockin' Beats

This was super difficult for me. I have very few items of a solid colour that aren't black! Happily, it was cold enough to wear one of my most favourite items of clothing, my ASOS coat, teamed with some coloured tights and a neon scarf. So neon I can't ever get the colour to show up properly in photos!

Tuesday - Metallica

In addition to this Lovisa ring stack and long necklace, I chose a TEMT jumper with metallic thread. This early shot was rejected when I found I had inadvertently created a shadow puppet dog.

Wednesday - Mixed Materials

I mixed a Dotti knit top with a corduroy skirt from Savers, tights and Sandler boots. Excitingly, I tagged this photo with #Thriftsavers to enter a Savers competition and won one of two $50 vouchers! SO STOKED. Do you know how much stuff I can bag at Savers with $50?? And in further happy news, the other voucher was won by Stacie aka @indigo_daydream!

Thursday - Mad Hatters

I donned a raspberry coloured handknitted hat by my Mum for this prompt and some matching lipstick - Maybelline Color Drama pencil in "Fuchsia Desire".

Friday - That 70s Show

I was dreading this one, as you know I'm not keen on a lot of 70s style, but I pulled through. I'm wearing a new black eyelash top from ASOS, Target boots, a long floral skirt by Cotton Candy, Target boots and a groovy pendant both from Savers, plus a thrifted tooled leather bag. Standing in one of the most 70s places in Adelaide, Festival Plaza.

Saturday - Saturday Night (evening wear)

I was attending a wedding along with Stacie and the dress code was neat casual. Being by the beach and being that we had nicked outside to take some photos, I kept my coat on! But as an exclusive blog bonus, I've uploaded a pic showing the dress I was wearing underneath.

Sunday - Tartan, Gingham and Plaid

Another of Mum's handknitted hats, teamed with a new scarf from Kmart and some more Maybelline Color Drama ensured I checked myself before I wrecked myself. I liked this shot until I saw the strand of hair across my face. Annoying.

On behalf of Stacie (@indigo_daydream) and Jen (@lady_lambkin), thank you to all our stylin' participants. We were super stoked to have a few people join in with us and we are looking forward to developing another challenge later in the year, so keep your eye out for #PoshLadyIndigo Style Challenge 2: Style Harder.

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  1. I completely missed this. Looks like a lot of fun.

    1. It was! You'll have to keep an eye out for #PoshLadyIndigo Style Challenge 2: Style Harder :)

  2. Love the 70s gif and I don't even like the 70s. The bag is everything though!

    1. Haha, thanks Kimba! I am so not down with the 70s either (the returning trends are still giving me anxiety) so that was a real challenge for me. The bag was a marvellous $3 op shop find in the Barossa . . . stoked!!

  3. Hi Beth, I'm sorry I missed this challenge too. I actually love you in the 70's outfit. Remember to link up all your fabulous style posts on www.flatbummum.com on Fridays. Hope to see you there. Well done on your style challenge. I'm in for round 2!! Bron x

    1. Cheers Bron! I will keep an eye out for your linkup