Lust Have: Rose Gold

March 23, 2015

I saw this article this morning that presented a rendered image of what a rose gold iPhone 6 might look like:

Image from
Even though I have previously stated I don't really need an iPhone 6 at this point, I WANT THIS SO BADLY! Look how beautiful it is!

I grew up a strictly silver girl and then, when I could afford it, white gold.

Everything I tried on in yellow gold looked like it had come out of a Kinder Surprise egg and mixing metals was not a thing. It was one or the other. Those were the rules.

I was okay with this at the time. Silver was cheaper and there was more choice, especially in the 90s.

Come the new millenium, mixing metals is totally a thing and while I still don't wear yellow gold on the regular, rose gold is a whole new story. This is one of my favourite pieces of wristwear:

Mimco Memoir Beaded Wrist

It has a warmth and femininity with the cool edge of metal. It incorporates my favourite colour pink. You can mix it with things. What's not to love?

And speaking of love, I have been crushing hard on these two items for a long time and am currently in the market for both a new handbag and a new purse . . . 

Image from


Image from

If you're thinking, "woah, that's some hefty price point action for someone who shops at Savers", then don't be concerned. I'm not going all high-end unattainable on you. While I have treated myself to a few full-priced Mimco items before, in true frugalista style, I'd be hunting these bad boys down on Gumtree. A pre-loved bag goes for around $250 and I've seen the wallets as low as $80, albeit for a pretty dinged up specimen.

Now for the important questions:

1.  Can you do a matching purse and handbag? 

2.  If no, which would you choose?

3.  Is $250 still too much for a handbag?

4.  How much do you generally spend on a new handbag, if you don't mind me asking?

5.  Would you buy a second-hand bag/purse that wasn't a retro/vintage piece?

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  1. I don't know where my original comment went....Let me try again!

    1. Yes, you can - especially if you go for basic black! (A girl I used to work with used to change purses to match her bag (up to 3 or 4 times per week) and was always missing cruicial cards!!)
    2. If I had to choose, I'd spend the money on the bag as it's more visible
    3. No! Investment purchases rule! (That said, you don't want to pay for just the label - quality matters too)
    4. I'd generally spend around $250 - I've bought cheaper bags, but they fall apart
    5. Hmm, bag, yes if it was in good shape - purse, no - too grimy and no-one likes a loose cardhole!!!

    1. I am still laughing at "nobody likes a loose cardhole" . . . I want that on a t-shirt.

      Thanks for your insightful answers. Gumtree needs to deliver!

  2. I've found that the more expensive leather bags last for years for me whereas the cheaper non leather handbags I buy will only last a season to a year at the most! So I'm all for occasionally buying an investment handbag. In the long term it will probably work out cost effective. It's just a pity you have a big outlay to begin with!

    1. If only they would let me buy on a payment plan! (but obvs have the bag up front!!)