Review: Adelaide Shores Resort

February 24, 2015

There’s no doubt having kids changes you, your lifestyle and your idea of a good time.

My idea of a holiday varies from that of my husband. I consider a real holiday to include plane travel, passports, big cities and shopping with foreign currency whereas he would be happy with a fishing rod and a tent in the bush with no access to running water or wifi.

Before having our daughter, one thing we did agree on was scoffing at the notion of spending time in a holiday resort in our own city, believing it to be the practise of xenophobes, tightwads and / or regular viewers of “South Aussie with Cosi”. 

However, my sister-in-law decided for her 40th birthday, she would like to spend the weekend at the Adelaide Shores Resort with family and friends in attendance. A far cry from 10 years previous when we jumped out of planes from 12,000 feet and then spent the night in various bars in town until the early hours for her 30th (#changes), so arrangements were made, the car loaded, trailer attached and off we set on the whopping 30.6km road trip to our destination.

We arrived around 6.45pm on the Friday night and check-out was 10am Sunday morning, a total of 41 hours, for which we had brought with us a fully loaded VE Commodore and trailer. Although I managed to keep the wardrobe for the three of us within one suitcase (#changes), I did overpack for myself by about four tops and one pair of shorts. Also chronically overpacked for the toddler who spent most of the time in bathers or just a nappy over the two 40 degree days. A girl needs options though, am I right?

We had booked a Dunes cabin which indeed faced the dunes of West Beach and the toddler took great delight in watching the steady stream of runners and cyclists along the beach path. There were other cabin options available; this was the cheapest 2 bedroom option that included a private bathroom within the cabin itself. Others offered either shared amenities blocks or a private “en suite” (external) bathroom. Maybe ten years ago but not today (#changes). We also had my mother-in-law staying with us which was a great help in terms of keeping an unusually stroppy toddler under control.  

Home 30.6kms away from home

The cabin was clean, basic, maybe a little 90s in terms of décor but the linen was soft and it had all we needed for our stay in terms of utensils, crockery, cutlery, cleaning products and a decent sized fridge. As we had decided to be reasonably self-sufficient and not buy meals apart from the Saturday dinner, we had brought our barbecue, loads of food, an outdoor setting and the toddler’s highchair. This, of course, meant prep, cooking, dishes and general cleaning up so not exactly a holiday in the usual sense of the word; in fact, we have a dishwasher at home so it was even more work! Still, it doesn’t feel as bad when you’re not doing it every day and a barbecue meant no pots and pans at least.

The resort has a huge variety of activities and is well kept with plenty of green lawned areas, shaded picnic gazebos with barbecues, two pools, a Splash Zone, several playgrounds including an air conditioned indoor toddler room, a games room, jumping pillows, pedal cars, bikes and go karts for hire and more. All this and the back gate of the resort (about 10 metres from our door) leads you right onto the beach. Unfortunately the gate closes at 9pm which was a little early. I’d have liked a late night stroll on the sand but we didn’t get the time.

Splash Zone action

I also don't have many photos to share as I went virtually phone-free for the weekend (#changes) and we had the GoPro for water-based activities.

When  Miss L was eight months old, we went on a "real holiday" to Vanuatu for a week for my husband’s 40th and stayed at Warwick Le Lagon Resort. Travelling with a nearly two year old versus an eight month old infant presents different challenges. On the first trip, it was having an adequate supply of formula, somewhere to sterilise bottles, managing teething and lugging the pram everywhere. Now it’s chasing, reasoning, supervising, chastising and trying to understand why she won’t put her feet on the sand or sit up and eat her breakfast (#changes). Obviously different surroundings and abandoned routines have a big impact on all concerned. I didn’t sleep well myself so being tired on top of her stroppiness wasn’t helping and the dummy minimisation program went out the window.

Both areas were billed as family-friendly and this was certainly the case. In Vanuatu, it seemed other patrons hadn't quite done the research we had and one particular tribal-tatted singlet-wearing bogan had a real issue with infants crying in the breakfast room but that was the only hostility we encountered. She was fine on the plane apart from guzzling over and above our prepared formula supply which lead to a mad dash around Brisbane airport's international departures lounge trying to find cow's milk rather than duty-free booze (#changes).

Again, we took my mother-in-law along which was a great help to us as well as having the opportunity to treat her to her first overseas holiday.

I enjoyed being away from home (a change is as good as . . . ), the resort facilities and the beach but now I feel like I need a real holiday!

Not a sponsored post but my God, if anyone does want to sponsor me to go on my own holiday and write wonderful things about it, I am so down. 

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  1. Hello from another Adelaidian blogger! I haven't been to Adelaide Shores before but it definitely looks worth checking out for a weekend, sounds very kid friendly, I have an (almost) two year old as well.
    I found you via Bridie Marie - and check your email - I've tried to add you to the RADelaide bloggers group :)

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for checking out the blog, and yes family-friendly is definitely the motto at Adelaide Shores. Haven't had an email come through yet from FB though!