Christmas and Boxing Day Wrap-Up

December 27, 2014

We had a lovely Christmas here at the Ghetteaux and were lucky enough to have my parents and mum-in-law with us to celebrate the day.

This is going to be rather a pic-heavy post. In the old days on Livejournal, we'd have put everything "behind the jump" so dial-up users didn't have to waste bandwidth #backintheday

It was quite cool in Adelaide on the big day, so much so that we all had long sleeves on for most of it. With all the running around one does as sous chef, joint host and mum of toddler, I eschewed anything too fancy in terms of dress and stuck to my sequinned jazzy top from Best and Less (last worn here), my old dark-wash skinny jeans and Rubi loafers.

Still working on the selfie stick angle

Presents included a VS Sassoon Curl Secret or, as I call it, the Suck 'n' Curl)  ($169 from Priceline but you can get it cheaper if you try) which works an absolute treat and I'm super delighted with. As a hair moron, I've never been able to curl my hair successfully until now (see this attempt). I got to open it earlier this month so I could use it for the Christmas party. My mum saw it and told me to tell Dad to get her one for Christmas. I should get a commission!


I also received this lovely Mimco Memoir bracelet to add to my collection . . .

Available at Mimco for $39 - Schiaperelli Pink version

Plus these bad boys from my Secret Santa:

Converse All Star Dainty - $70
Image from
And a selfie stick! 

Note Curl Secret on table, Dad obeyed and everyone was happy

The house smelled divine thanks to this (Currently Spotlight have buy big candle, get two melts or sampler candles free) 

Smells like Christmas (the candle, not Peter Capaldi)

We had a great meal from the Weber and some baked potatoes and I washed it down with my new favourite drink. Coles had sold out but on Christmas Eve we found some at our local Foodland. It's a Christmas miracle!

Tastes like Christmas

There were crackers and obligatory headgear.

Somewhat annoyingly, the black/whiteboard easel we got for the toddler proved to be non-magnetic. What to do with the magnetic letters?


Boxing Day. Now, I love shopping but this was as close as I got to the Boxing Day sales:

However, an invitation to a friend's place on Boxing Day gave me an opportunity to dress up a little more than Christmas . . .

And to use the selfie stick again

I'm wearing one of my $5 Kmart tees, a striped maxi skirt from Cotton On, a dragonfly pendant from AliExpress (I will be blogging about my first AliExpress order in the future), Mimco Gidget flatforms, Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings and my hair is in a curly side pony thanks to the Suck 'n' Curl.

Haters gonna hate on the selfie stick

Here are my stylejacked flatforms with another #sorrynotsorry to Bridie.

A busy couple of days and looking forward to the rest of the break!

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