Bags It - 3 Serious Bags I Seriously Want

December 08, 2014

I keep things pretty real in terms of style budget, adopting a cheap and cheerful quantity-not-quality mentality as befits my wage (part-time) and position in life (reasonably low mortgage, average expenses, child to feed and clothe etc).

My frugalista approach to fashion means I only have a few items in the way of luxury brands, unless they’re a gift, picked up on super special or snagged from an op shop.

However, there is one item I can’t get out of my head and I think I’m going to have to drop some serious money on in the coming years.

A handbag. Not just any handbag. A serious handbag.

I have always loved bags and have rocked a wide variety of them – from quirky box styles and novelty bags in my 20s to statement totes and vintage clutches in my 30s. Here’s my my bag-drobe.

My main work bag at the moment (depending on outfit) is a wine coloured Nine West tote I got for Christmas last year. 

But it’s a bit wintery, so I sometimes switch it out with a cream cheapo bucket bag from Equip, depending on what I’m wearing.

I have way more to choose from but I find it difficult to swap bags out every day – time is precious and I almost always forget something critical like headphones or Kindle or hand sanitiser.

So trying to decide which lovely receptacle to spend a ridiculous amount of bucks on is very difficult. Do I go practical tote or statement patent? What will I use the most . . . and will I actually use it?

And can I go past the Mac Daddy of the bag world?

*choir of angels*

But which one? WHICH ONE, I ASK YOU?

The Neverfull?

Image from

The Alma in sumptuous patent?

Image from

The Totally?

Image from

SO many covetable choices. I'm gagging.

I also need to decide whether to embark on an intensive savings plan or hold out another few years for A Certain Milestone Birthday. 

What do you think? Have you got a seriously serious luxe bag? Do you use it all the time, is it worth it, do you love it?

(justify the expense for me, please!)

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  1. I think you should definitely do it! I've never regretted my totally purchase (in Paris!!) it was a real highlight moment, and I was hoping to bump in to Kanye, but to no avail. I think if you're going to do it, then you need to assess your lifestyle - the Alma is gorgeous and a stunning bag that you will hand down to your child (I once stalked a woman down the street admiring her plum version!), but the Neverfull and Totally can be slung over a shoulder, making them infinitely more practical.

    Of course, you need to try them on and walk around with them on, so you'll need a reconnaissance trip to Melbourne to assess properly. (BYO pistachio croissants!) X

    1. I am definitely leaning towards the Totally because of the outside pockets although the pochette of the Neverfull is also tempting. I agree that it has to be an in-person purchase to savour the whole experience (like my most amazing retail experience in Tiffany & Co, Melbourne) . . . no online shopping for this one! And yes, the Alma probably doesn't lend itself to boxes of sultanas and spare dummies as much as the other two . . .