Pyjama Game

November 14, 2014

Further to my post about lifting my game with regards to my at-home wear, I decided to try and get some cuter stuff to lounge about and sleep in.

I like to be covered at night - in the winter, it's flannelette pyjamas and a quilt up to my ears and even in the warmer weather, I prefer to have something on. Preferably the air conditioner, so I can still sleep under a quilt.

For the last few years, I’ve favoured oversized souvenir t-shirts from various American locales which need to be consigned to the rag bag and Cotton On patterned lounge pants I bought for my maternity hospital stay last year. These are all okay, even if the leopard print pair (my favourite) are looking a little shabby from constant wear.

I’m not looking for anything lacy/satiny/slippery/sexy because lol and I haven’t done a nightie since primary school. So cotton-style pyjamas and comfy loungewear it is.

Obviously, spending a fortune on stuff to sleep in is against my frugalista principles, so sozz, Peter Alexander

One problem I find in these places is that it’s difficult to get something without a cutesy motif, cheesy sleep-related slogan, demands for coffee or a faux French motto. 

I checked out Kmart pyjama sets. Here's a sample offering.

I feel like a middle-aged woman in an XL Tweety-Bird tee-shirt and with a Hello Kitty phone cover

Do we all become 12 year old school girls when we head for bed? Actually, that sounds wrong. You know what I mean. 

What’s wrong with a nice bold geometric logo and matching patterned pant? Or a Breton stripe? Plain tops seem so grim, the lace trim ribbon neckline elderly and those Henley-style buttons, why?? 

And seriously, would it kill anyone to have some sort of built-in support shelf? I don’t want to wear a bra or crop top to bed but if we have visitors stay over, I also don’t want to do a toilet run or early morning wake-up with everything bouncing around like a jumping castle on a windy day. Singlet tops are most definitely out for this reason, I do not need escaping hanging side boob.

I bought a sleep tee from Cotton On Body with a print of the Eiffel Tower (just barely acceptable in terms of fromage factor) for $10. 

I did have a picture of it but it has disappeared but you can use your imagination.

I’d probably have had more of a look around the store if the toddler didn’t decide that tottering around, throwing carefully stacked piles of g-strings on the floor and getting handprints on the mirrors was good fun. After I’d weathered two conniptions trying to wrestle her back into the pram, I was too flustered to take much more of a look and just grabbed the tee - did I want to pop it in a charity - NO THANKS . . . did I want any of the water bottles for - JUST THE TOP, PLEASE.

I checked out Target online. $20 for a striped sleep tee? Are you having a laugh, Target? When I just bought tops to actually wear out of the house from Kmart for $5 each? Come on. Their offerings were either slippery chemise sets, homely brushed cotton stripes or $89 Missoni for Target pyjama sets. LOL. That’s more than what most of my daily outfits cost.

I took my search online and browsed the ASOS sale.

Oh this is cute, I could do this and the price is right . . .

Espirit pyjamas from ASOS

Unavailable in my size. Boo.

The search continues. 

And I still haven't thrown those big baggy faded t-shirts out yet.

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