Throwback Thursday: Mom Jeans

October 03, 2014

Following on from my last #TBT post which reportedly made Bridie of "roar with laughter", I had another dig through my 90s folder for more fashion LOLs.

You can probably buy this whole outfit on ASOS right now

My sister and I decided on an impromptu fashion shoot to capture our hot looks for New Years Eve 1997. And when I say "hot", I mean it literally although records show a mild day peaking at 35.6 degrees C. As my previous post detailed, I really had no idea what to expect from Port Hedland and had packed all my favourite clothes including:

1. Burgundy velour top from Dotti, Rundle Mall which I had . . . lay-buyed? Lay-bought? 
2. Chronically blue high-waisted Mom jeans. Or, as they were known back then, "jeans"
3. Super thick, chunky and wholly unnecessary black belt
4. Ginger Spice-inspired bleached front hair strands to contrast with that brassy home hair dye job
5. "Starlet" lipstick
6. Silver pendant on chain and some silver rings
7. I'm going to assume chunky black platform ankle boots because what else would you pair with this ensemble?

The top right photo provides a technological snapshot of the era; rear projection CRT TV, TEAC stereo system with turntable, double tape deck and our first ever CD player and underneath that, an original Playstation.

As I recall, my sister and I spent  some time driving around trying to find some kind of NYE action (she was underage so we couldn't get in anywhere) then gave it up to come home and watch our VHS copy of the Spice Girls Movie followed by their live concert in Instanbul. 


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